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Aluminium Wire Replacement

  1. We work FAST We will rewire your entire home in less than a week! We use a larger crew of electricians to get the job done quick and we don't flip flop between job sites. We Go Above and Beyond... When we access your attic for a rewire, we move the insulation and staple all the wires very neatly and then reinstall your insulation. Sykes Electric will always install plugs in proper locations and not rewire plugs that have poor wall placement. Professional Patching is Included Every electrician makes holes or troughs in your wall to run new wire. Sykes Electric makes as few holes as needed (in most cases only 6 to 8 total). Most holes are only 4 inches round and in locations which minimizes the amount of painting you have to do after we patch. It is best that any redecorating be completed after the rewire and patching.

What is Aluminium Wiring?

Aluminium wiring became popular in the early 60’s and 70's, when the price of aluminium was far below the price of copper. Winnipeg builders, always looking to save some money chose to use aluminium wiring. Not every home built in those years were wired with aluminium,  Was aluminium as good as copper? It was known that copper is a better conductor of electricity. The manufacturers and the authorities adjusted for that by using slightly larger aluminium wire to perform the same work as copper. Most branch circuit wiring in homes is 14 gauge copper vs the equivalent aluminium wire is 12 gauge.s Aluminium Wiring Safe?

  1. Actually, aluminium is still considered safe unless home-owners change light switches, plugs or use the wrong light fixtures. As with many things, if the aluminium wiring in your home was properly installed and has been properly maintained there should be no concerns with respect to fire. However, how has it been maintained and/or upgraded over the years? Tell tale signs that you may have an aluminium wire electrical issue include flickering lights, warm cover plates on switches and receptacles, and burned insulation on wiring. An overheating issue with wire can cause fire.

Why Replace Aluminium Wiring?

  1. There are some clear safety concerns with this type of electrical system. What make it even more difficult is that a lot of the aluminium wiring is behind finished walls and ceilings. This make is very difficult if not impossible to fully inspect. Usually home inspectors will look to see if a plug or light is working. Unless they have x-ray machines, they can't see behind finished walls and ceilings. Sometimes new wiring is used in visible areas and "spliced" into the aluminium wiring up in the wall cavity.

Aluminium and copper are dis-similar metals, and as such, expand and contract at different rates.  So when a home-owner replaces a switch with a copper-type switch (for example, Decora type), and connects the aluminium wire to the copper screw, over time the connection can become loosened, causing sparks and possibly fire. The same principle applies with light fixtures and plugs. Approved marrets must be used when installing new lighting to aluminium wiring. For switches and plugs, aluminium rated items must be used. Also, a special oxidation paste must be applied to prevent corrosion. The absence of this paste may lead to wire corrosion which interferes with the flow of electricity. The regular home-owner or handyman maybe unaware of this before making modifications.

The Home Insurance Question.

Improper modifications to the electrical system done in an unsafe manner by a unqualified person increase risk of fire. When risk is increased, Winnipeg insurance companies will either charge more OR more common now deny coverage if your home contains aluminium wiring. Lenders also are starting to see the risk too and may decide not to lend.

What should you do?

  1. Call Eddie at (647) 857-3987. Eddie at Clean and M lean Electrical Services in Toronto ,GTA. is a certified Electrician with over 30 years in residential and commercial electrical. We specialize in Knob & Tube AND Aluminium Wiring replacement. In Toronto .New market

.Mississauga ,Brampton ,Vaughn,Markham,Pickering and area, if you’re looking for an Aluminium wiring replacement estimate or the actual Aluminium wiring replacement call Glen Sykes today.When you need Aluminium electrical wiring replacement in Winnipeg demand t

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