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Dirty Electricity: Everything That You Need To Know

Updated: May 5, 2020

t’s a term that not everyone is familiar with, but a well trained electrical Toronto company that stays on top of current developments will have the answers that you need and some tips for prevention when it comes to dirty electricity.

Although it’s not something that you can smell, taste or touch, this type of electrical pollution comes from a variety of different sources that electrical companies in Toronto are aware of. One type of this pollution comes about from the electrical interference caused by an increase in the use of electronics. The other is a byproduct of the generation of electrical power—either through the power created by nuclear power plants or by burning fossil fuels. Regardless of the origins, there are some health concerns electrical companies in Toronto have been able to pinpoint that have a possible link to dirty electricity.

These include:

• chronic fatigue syndrome • attention deficit disorder • diabetes • fibromyalgia

Qualified electricians are the ones that know what you need to do to steer clear of this issue and the possible health consequences. Here are a few suggestions you should memorize or keep in a highly visible place.

Remember to keep your distance from your smartphone. That’s not to say that you can’t take full advantage of everything that it does to make your life easier, but you do need to keep in mind that the electromagnetic field that cause some health issues diminishes greatly when these phones are three feet away. If you need to carry it around, place it so the keyboard side and not the battery is close to your body and switch the sides you talk on to spread out exposure.

Unplug appliances that you don’t use. If you’ve got a kitchen that’s cluttered with toasters, coffee pots and other appliances, make sure to unplug what you’re not using right away since anything that’s connected to the grid can supply a portion of dirty electricity even when it’s not running.

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