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DIY. Breaker won't turn back on. How to reset a tripped breaker

I can't turn-on a circuit breaker, it is stuck in the middle or off position and won't reset

If it does not stay in ON position and its handle is loose easily wiggling towards one side or the other, it's a mechanically defective automatic switch that should be replaced

If it sharply and immediately trips every time with a relatively loud click or if you see some sparks (turn the lights off around the panel), then there is a short If the handle stuck in off or middle position, it could be one of the above causes Less likely problem is a poor contact at the breaker and/or burning. Sometimes you can smell it at the panel or hear arcing Overload is another possibility if it takes seconds, minutes or hours to cut off the power. In many cases a homeowner could reduce the total load and organize him/herself not to use all lights, devices, and small appliances at the same time Matters affecting the panel and/or entire circuits aren't to be messed around with or delayed Do not risk your property and life. Turn it off and call:

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