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Electrical Remodeling in TORONTO, MISSISSAUGA, VAUGHN

  1. Express Electrical Services has been streamlining the process of home electrical remodeling and additions for Southern California homeowners for the past 25 years. Our team of master and journeymen CLEAN AND MLEAN ELECTRICAL SERVICES are continuously trained and certified in industry-leading home lighting design and applications.We strive to position ourselves your electric advocate working in tandem with you towards a brighter life. This means we provide full-service electrical management to your home and property.

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  3. Home Luxury Lighting Additions Now this is the fun part! Our team is dedicated to creative and energizing solutions for home lighting improvement. We provide lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor functionality and help set the mood with our variety of color options and design expertise. Here’s some of what we do for home luxury lighting additions:LED recess lighting Advanced Lighting Controls Lighting Automation (iPad/Smart Phone Control)Let Our Experts Handle The Permit Process It is essential to pull the correct permits for the correct jobs. Our CLEAN AND MLEAN ELECTRICAL SERVICES have been serving TORONTO since 2018. To the inexperienced, it can be all too easy to get caught up in paperwork, or worse, an illegality. Home inspectors and realtors will find problems on your property if they exist and it’s never worth the risk. Let our experts seamlessly facilitate your home’s permit process and avoid future headaches.Questions about how we can help illuminate your home and property with luxury lighting applications? Contact our CLEAN AND MLEAN ELECTRICAL SERVICES today. We’ll manage all of your home electrical and remodeling additions from creative design to full functionality and enhanced safety.

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