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Here’s the ABC’s of Solar Power

Although a licensed electrical contractor usually comes in to do a specific job around your home that has to do with the electricity, these professionals generally know a thing or two about the bigger picture and how the innovations shaping the power generation scene work with their customer’s best interests in mind.

That’s why with all the carbon emission problems that have been surfacing, a good licensed electrical contractor will be able to supply their clients or any other interested party with a good overview and the benefits of solar power as a source of electricity that has been getting some much deserved attention.

The first advantage to electricity generated with solar power is the most obvious one—there are no greenhouse gases. Unlike other methods where fossil fuels need to be used or there’s a byproduct that needs to be carefully handled like spent fuel rods, solar energy has no environmentally negative spinoffs.

It’s free as well. Because there’s no raw materials needed, only minimal maintenance and a one time installation fee, there are no escalating costs for solar power. If you’re looking to be a little more self reliant, solar power is for you and here’s why.

Ask any licensed electrical contractor and they’ll tell you that solar power doesn’t need to be produced in one location and then transported to another. That means the costs associated with the setting up and maintenance of any infrastructure are erased with solar powered electricity and the savings are passed along to the consumer.

Remember that while the cost for other types of electricity have jumped in the last few years as demand increases, the cost per watt for solar energy has dropped by more than half in the last decade.

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