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Home Power Tool Electrical Safety Tips

Updated: May 5

If you have power tools at home, chances are you are into DIY.  It is really important that you look after your power tools well, that you have them serviced on a regular basis, and you keep them out of reach of little hands. Here are some excellent safety tips, from Dynamic Electric, a commercial electrician Toronto, working with residential and corporate properties, and dealing with all aspects of electricity. Twelve Safety Tips for your DIY Power Tools:-

  1. Take time to read the instructions

This may seem silly but most accidents happen when people just presume they know how to use the tool.  Even if you are a seasoned DIY, read the instructions when you get a new power tool.  And if you haven’t used your tool for a while, read the instructions again before use.  You also don’t want to make a huge mistake and use the tools incorrectly, thereby costing you money rather than saving you money!

  1. Always be vigilant

Power tools can be dangerous.  They are powerful, and they use electricity. If you are doubtful, or are not keen to do the job on your own, call in an electrician or a handyman, depending on what the job is.  When you are using tools, be careful.  Switch on only when ready, and never forget to switch something off. Make sure you have the right gloves or goggles too, again depending on the job.

  1. Watch those power cords

Again, this is a simple one, but you have no idea how many people trip over cords, cut into cords or leave the cords lying around, in wait of an accident.  Line up your cords and always make sure they are out of harms reach.

  1. Give yourself a good workspace

Unless you are a seasoned DIY, and ask your commercial electrician Toronto about this, make sure you have plenty of space within which to work.  An experienced electrician will come in, work efficiently and quickly, without a mess, because that is their job.  You may find you have things all over the place and this can lead to not just a mess but an accident too.

  1. Have the right accessories

You may well need ear plugs, you definitely need a thick pair of gloves, and you should probably wear an overall.

  1. Switch things off

You may be smiling but ask your commercial electrician Toronto how many times he has had to do damage control because of a power tool that the user forgot to switch off.  Seems simple, but DO IT.

  1. Put things away between use

You must have good storage space, even a workshop with cupboards that lock. Power tools are dangerous and you do not want the wrong person getting their hands on them.

  1. Only buy good quality

Weigh up the options. Is it a good idea to buy yourself an expensive power tool that you are only going to use once, or does it makes sense to call in an expert to do the job for you.  And at the same time, don’t ever buy cheap.  Cheap power tools will give you headaches, in more ways than one.

  1. Service your power tools

You must keep your power tools in tip top condition.  You do not want a rusty drill.  Or a drill that is only partially working.  Take your tools in for their annual service, it’s important.

  1. Scared of heights?

If you are getting up on a ladder, or climbing on a roof, be calm.  Know that your ladder is stable and that you are on even footing. If you are scared, honestly, call in the professionals.

  1. Work without an audience

Don’t work with power tools when your kids are in the room or when your partner is bringing you a cup of tea.  It is just too dangerous.  Power tools are exactly that – powerful.  You do not want an accident to happen.  Work on your own, or with an assistant if you have one, but remember, this is not a fun space!

  1. Don’t feel the pressure

As per Dynamic Electric, you do not need to do everything on your own.  In the same way we need a doctor, a plumber or a locksmith, we all need someone to help us with our handy work or electrics.  Don’t ever feel you have to do the work on your own just because your friend does.  Or because you feel society says you should. if you want help, make a phone call.  It will save you a lot of stress, anxiety and probably, a lot of money too! Power tools are great to have, if you are going to use them.  They’re expensive and they do need upkeep.  Look after your tools carefully and always, keep them out of reach of electrician in toronto

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