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Pot light installation in Toronto

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Fast and affordable Quotations: We understand time is valuable and that is why our team delivers fast quotations to avoid any delays that may jeopardize the project. Furthermore,we offer affordable quotations for services.

Quality Services: Toronto Wiring offers a value for your money by offering quality services that are second to none. We at Toronto Wiring believe quality should never be compromised to mediocrity and no one understands this better than our competent team of electricians.

What are the electrical services we offer?

Commercial hazardous wiring and structured cabling

Emergency Power solutionCommercial ground testing servicesLighting and fixtures installations and upgradesCommercial security systemsElectrical Panel UpgradeBackup Power solutionMobile commercial wiringElectrical solar panelsCustom wiring & explosion proof wiringEfficient energy solutionsFire alarms systemsAdditional plugs and switchesBasement Electrical wiringResidential Electrical ServicesIndustrial Electrical Services

Why choose our services?

We offer services that range from the residential, commercial, industrial electrical services in the Toronto area.Our prices are compatible and the quality of our electrical services is very important to us so we can continue to provide the top electrical services for our Toronto community.Our electricians are up to date with the guidelines and regulations required by the industry. This has enabled our licensed electricians to be the best in the market in terms of providing professional services for our clients. Through their remarkable services, we have managed to attract many customers thus building a long-term business relationship with our customers.Our qualified electrical contractors offer these services with high level of professionalism, integrity and competence. They also have unique ideas and custom solutions that will make your home have a updated look and feel and above all safer for your family.We also offer warranty for any electrical services we offer. Our electrical contractors in Toronto also have managed to gain high reputation from the satisfied customers who have used our services in the past. This means that you will always get the best services for the best price in the market.

Our company offers a myriad of services to its clients- both residential and commercial properties. Some of the services offered by our company include:

Electrical and Appliance installation: We deal with all electrical and appliance installation in both commercial and residential areas. Whether you want install electrical panels or an heating system in your building, Toronto Wiring will get the work done on time. Similarly, you can always feel free to consult us to get the best available expert advice.

Emergency heating repair: Having a problem with your heater and cooling appliances? Well,weather extremes may have profound impact on your heater or AC. If your system is suffering, it is always advisable to seek professional repair services to prevent inconvenience and costly repair services that may be brought about by novice technicians.

Commercial and residential wiring: we at Toronto Wiring are fully conversant with the commercial and residential wiring. Our team have been exposed to years of experience and they have at their fingertips the grade,devices quality and pattern of how wiring in both residential and commercial properties.

Commercial heating and repair: There exists a thin line between residential heating repair and commercial heating repair. Though the working principle is the same,the latter has large scale heating systems that require a different approach than the small scale one.

Residential and commercial electrical repair: we at Toronto Wiring are able to undertake both residential and commercial electrical repairs. As mentioned earlier no project is too small or large for us to undertake.Feel free to contact us for any electrical problem you are facing.

To get an in depth overview of some of our services and rates offered visit our website Alternatively, you can always contact via phone at 647-857-3987 or email at and we will be gladly at your service.

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