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Test all wall plugs. DIY safety inspection continued

Toronto master electrician's tips on DIY testing of the house or condo outlets Pay $10 or so and make your home and family much safer in 30 minutes or less.

Any homeowner is able to determine that all house wall plugs and GFCI sockets are wired properly and are safe to use in half an hour or so for just about $10. Buy a receptacle or wall outlet tester with a button:

1) Look at the picture 2) In the store make sure it has a GFCI test button 3) Get one This amazingly simple device performs several tests at once. It indicates whether the outlet has problems or defects. Or determines the tested plug could be safe to use. Without help from professional electrician you could detect some serious house wiring errors like missing ground or reverse polarity. Every tester has three indicator lights on its face and self-explanatory straightforward instructions on what each of the light combination means. A push button allows you to test GFCI outlets. Unfortunately the device is not able to detect all possible glitches and problems. And some pre-existing wiring mistakes and circuit conditions can cause false test results. But your simple outlet tester could definitely find some of the defects or issues and indicate presence or absence of the electrical risks in the house. While testing, please pay attention and make a note of shaky, damaged, broken, or discolored parts and any visible other out-of-order conditions. You should definitely buy and use one as soon as possible. The only thing left for you to do is to make a detailed list for every tested receptacle and call a licensed electrician to take care of the bad ones. DIY receptacle, outlet and wall plug safety inspection tips from electrician in Toronto. Reading this and other DIY posts and inspection instructions could increase awareness and electrical safety of your home and family!

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