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The Dangers of Aluminum Wiring

  1. The Dangers of Aluminum Wiring A common concern for those involved in home renovations or purchasing a new home is, “What is the state of the electrical system in the walls”. Some homes may not have had construction or renovations done since the original – this means the original wiring is still in place. Having original wiring in place can…Posted in Buying a Home, Electrical Safety, Residential Electricity

  2. Bringing Your Home Up To Code At times, building codes can seem like a hassle that only create more work. But the truth is that these codes are put into place to keep us safe. Just like how a poorly formed foundation can cause massive damage to your home, cutting corners in electrical wiring could cost you your entire house. Whether…Posted in Buying a Home, Electrical Safety, Older Homes, Residential Electricity | Tagged electrical code, electrical hazards, electrical inspection, household electrical, safety precautions

  3. The Importance Of A Ten Year Home Electrical Inspection When looking for a home a lot of homebuyers flip the light switches, check the outlets, briefly look at the electrical panel, and think that the electrical system is perfectly fine. However, this is not always the case and it is important to have an expert come in for inspection. Your home’s electrical system will…Posted in Buying a Home, Electrical Safety, Older Homes, Residential Electricity | Tagged electrical hazards, electrical safety, electrical safety tips, electrician, household electrical, older home, safety precautions, safety tips

  4. Importance of Smoke Detectors At Expert Electric, we know that smoke alarms can only save lives if they are properly maintained and in good working condition. That is why our team of licensed electricians have put together some information on smoke detectors and how to properly maintain smoke detectors in your home. What are Smoke Detectors? Smoke detectors are…Posted in Buying a Home, Smoke Alarm Safety | Tagged electrical safety tips, safety precautions, smoke alarm

  5. Electrical Hazards in Older Homes Approximately 200 electrical fires occur in B.C. each year with a large portion of these fires found in older homes. As sad as it is, it’s understandable. Homes built before 1970 didn’t have the types of technology we have today – not only to build a more sound electrical system but to sustain the types of products we now use on a daily basis (coffee machines, hairdryers, computers, the list goes on). If you live in an older home or are looking at buying one, be aware of these electrical hazards.Wiring older than 30 years oldUnder 100 amps of powerNot equipped with AFCI’sWiring – New cables and methods of wiring have been introduced since the building of your old home. These new cables provided ground protection, higher rated insulation temperatures and are suitable for recessed lighting. This eliminates the need for knobs and tubes, which proved to be a fire hazard overtime.  If your wiring is older than 30 years, it is recommended to have an electrician review the safety of your wiring. If caught early, you may be able to simply modify your wiring rather than rewire your entire home

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