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Top tips to lower your electricity bills in Canada

Updated: May 4, 2020

Top tips to lower your electricity bills in Canada Electricity costs money and there is no way to get around this.  Canadians know that they have to budget a certain amount for electricity, and they know that in winter their electrical costs are going to be high. There are ways to lower your electricity bill.  We chatted to our licensed electrician Toronto who passed on these top tips to lower your electricity bills. Go Solar where possible Canadian winters are harsh and it’s almost impossible to go purely solar.  A good electrician will tell you that you can go partially solar.  Solar is expensive to put in, but once in, you recoup your costs fairly quickly.  Look at having dual systems – electrical and solar. Get rid of your old fluorescent lightinglicensed electrician Toronto can come in, remove all your old fluorescent lighting, dispose of it safely and responsibly, and replace your lights with LED lighting that looks good, is cost effective and does not reap havoc on the environment. Switch things off Change your habits. When you leave the bedroom, switch off the lights.  When you’re not using the kettle, switch it off at the power outlet.  Same with the television.  If you are not watching it, it does not need to be on.  All these things add up and will save you money. Have an electrical assessment Ask your licensed electrician Toronto to come in and assess your systems.  You may just find you are working on old fashioned systems that are hugely expensive.  Homes today are built with electrical systems that are environmentally friendly and user friendly.  Yours may just need a good service, a bit of refurbishment and / or an overhaul. If you want to save money, and Canadian winters are giving you anxiety, ask Dynamic Electric with branches all over Toronto, to give your home or office, an electrical assessment.

8 Ways to Eradicate Your Electrical Bills this Winter in Toronto 01Jul Canadian winters can be brutal.  The good news is that when it’s -20 degrees outside, it’s nice and toasty inside.  Almost all Canadians have a good system going, with heaters, fireplaces and delicious underfloor heating.  It can be lovely staying indoors while it is snowing outside. There is only one major drawback and that is the cost of your heating.  Electricity bills soar in winter and can instil dread in even the very wealthy. Dynamic Electric, a certified electrician Toronto, are delighted to give you these tips on how to keep your electrical bills low:-

  1. Change your lighting

It gets dark early in winter and so we use more lighting.  Make sure that all your light bulbs are LED or compact fluorescent.  These last much longer than the old style bulbs, and are also much more environmentally friendly.  You can ask your local electrician in Toronto to come out and look at your lighting and give you advice.  In the end, this will save you money, save the environment, and look good too.

  1. Switch things off.

It’s winter so you cannot exactly switch off your heating system, but you can switch off other electrical appliances you are not using.  When you are not using the lights, switch them off.  It’s so easy and yet people are forgetful.  Change your bad habits, and your children’s bad habits.  Just flip the light switches off.  Same with the television set.  Not watching?  Then it really should not be on.

  1. Use timers

Get your certified electrician Toronto to come in and install a few times for you.  He can do this for your geysers, your outside lighting, your patio lighting, and even your security systems.  Again, if you are not using something, it should not be switched on.  It saves money by not just turning off an appliance, but turning it off at the outlet.  Ask your electrician.

  1. Set your water heaters at the right level

When we say water heater, we mean a geyser, although you may have other water heating systems in your home.  Make sure the temperature is right.  Very often our geysers are set much higher than is necessary. They can be quite a few degrees lower, still give you fabulous hot water, and save you money.

  1. Go solar

In Canada it is hard to be 100% solar, especially in winter.  Chat to your certified electrician Toronto and find out if solar, or partial solar, can work for you. It does save money in the long run, a lot, although it is expensive to install.North-facing windows get the least light, so even though it may seem that it won’t make much of a difference, it really can stop some temperature transfer between the house and outside. Even better is plastic window covering. When it’s sunny, make sure south-facing windows have their curtains open, since south-facing windows are exposed to the most sunlight.

  1. Fix those cracks under the door

We all know that feeling of cold air coming under the doors, especially in those old but glorious Canadian homes.  Instead of fixing the gaps and stopping the draught, we switch on the heaters.  Rather do both.  Fix the cracks and the cold air won’t come in.  And that way, you really only need to put on the heater when it is genuinely cold inside.

  1. Fix any loose windows

Sometimes, the smallest tasks are the hardest tasks.  Rattling windows mean there are gaps somewhere.  Maybe you can see them, maybe you cannot, but you can definitely feel the cold.  Fix any old windows, ensuring your house is warmer and you do not need to use so much heating.

  1. Get an electric overhaul

It’s a great idea to call in your certified electrician Toronto, and ask them to come and do an electrical audit.  They may tell you that you are doing everything wrong!  Of course, they may come and say you are doing everything right.  But you should get your circuits and systems checked out on an annual basis.  Do this to ensure your safety, which is the most important thing.  But also do this to ensure that your system is the best it could possibly be.  Houses that are built today have electrical systems put in that are energy efficient and inexpensive to run.  You may just need an overhaul! If you seriously want to save money this winter, look at all the above.  For starters, switch to LED lighting.  Where possible you really should use solar.  And most importantly, SWITCH THINGS OFF WHEN YOU’RE NOT USING THEM!

6 Steps to Childproof your home to prevent electrical shocks and injury 25Jun If you have a toddler, then you will know how they like to get their fingers into everything, and that includes plug points.  One of the first things you learn as a mom, is to childproof your home.  Many people suggest that the mom and dad actually crawl around their house, as a child would do, and see exactly what a child can see.  It changes your entire perspective, and you realise how easy it is for a child to shock themselves.  Or worse. Dynamic Electric, electrical contractors in Toronto, offer the following tips to keep your children safe.  Your Aurora Electrician will happily come to your home and go through all these tips with you! Parents, take note!

  1. Cover all your plug points and outlets.

You can buy covers for your plug points at the local hardware store, they are inexpensive and will take away a lot of your anxiety.  If you don’t have time, or inclination, to make a trip to the hardware store, ask your Aurora electrician to supply the plug covers.  It’s easy to install them, a child cannot remove them, and they basically stop kids from putting their fingers into the plug point holes and electrocuting themselves.  Cover each and every one, it will give you piece of mind.

  1. Keep electronic appliance secured.

Things like kettles and toasters should be way out of reach of all toddlers and children, and it is imperative that they cannot reach the wires either.  If they can reach the wire, and this applies to any electronic appliance, they can tug it down and injure themselves, burn themselves or start a fire.  Keep all your electrical appliances well secured and way out of reach of children.  Remember, this goes for the television and stereo system too.  Children are curious, and your Aurora electrician in Toronto can tell you just how curious they are!

  1. Keep batteries way out of reach.

Don’t ever leave batteries lying around, whether they are used or not.  Batteries are dangerous and when kids get hold of them, they like to put them directly into their mouths.  Batteries are filled with toxins, never mind the issue of a child choking.  Keep batteries securely locked away.  Think also of your TV remote control. For some reason, kids love playing with these.  If they drop the remote, very often the batteries fall out.  Keep the remotes out of reach too!

  1. Secure all the kitchen cupboard doors and drawers

Use child locks to secure your cupboard doors and drawers.  Your electrician won’t do this for you, but a handyman will.  Or you can DIY.  Those little hands will open anything that opens and closes and often, there are dangerous electrical appliances, glass items or ceramics inside.  Rather be safe than sorry, use child locks.

  1. Keep your power cords safe

Your Aurora electrician will tell you the best way to keep all your power cords safe.  You don’t want your child to pull them, and you also don’t want your child to nibble on them. And you definitely don’t want your child wrapping a cord around their neck.  Electricians have incredible ideas and devices to keep power cords safe and out of baby’s way.  Ask for an assessment. When you have a baby, toddler, or young child, an adult needs to be present.  It is important that your child is supervised at all times.  Of course as soon as a toddler starts to crawl, you cannot follow them around 100% of the day.  But you do need to keep a very watchful eye on your child. Make life easy for you in childproofing your home as much as possible.  This just takes away a lot of stress and strain and worry.  Make it impossible to have an accident. We cannot prevent all accidents at home.  Your child is going to bump his head.  Your child is going to graze his knees.  he is going to put everything possible in his mouth, especially when teething.  The only things you should leave lying around for your child are teething rings!  Perhaps a ball or a toy, depending on the child’s age.  But otherwise, don’t leave things lying around, make it impossible for a child to reach those things that can cause harm, and of course, supervise at all times. If you are in Canada, in the Toronto area, Dynamic Electric are an excellent electrical company, for both residential and commercial properties.  They will come in, assess your home, and make it as child friendly and safe as possible.  It’s important anyway to have an electrical assessment, or service, on a regular basis, so that your home is safe and secure in every single way.  You do not want to take any risks, for you, for your family, and of course, for your children.  Make sure your home is the safest it could possibly be.

6 Ways to Reduce Your Home’s Ecological Footrprint, While Saving Money 24Jun Dynamic Electric are the commercial electrical contractors Toronto …  Dealing with residential and commercial properties, who will help you reduce your costs and reduce your footprint on the environment.  Whether you are building from scratch, have an electrical emergency, or are renovating and upgrading your electrical systems, Dynamic Electric will come in, advice, assess and then talk to you about the best way forward to reduce your costs, and to save the planet. Here are their top six tips! Solar Power Solar is probably on the top of everyone’s list when it comes to getting off the grid and really benefiting the environment.  In a country like Canada, it is hard to be reliant on solar only, given that the sun does not always shine!  Solar is a brilliant option, even if you only put in a few solar panels for parts of your home, or opt for a solar geyser.  Solar is expensive to put in, initially, but once you’ve got over the start-up costs, your electricity bills will decrease dramatically.  Your electricians will be able to give you costs, analyses, and breakdowns of where you could save money by going solar. Environmentally friendly lighting Sometimes, all you need is an electrician to come in, assess your electrical circuits and systems, and change a light bulb or two!   A lot of the old light bulbs, including the incandescent bulbs, were terrible for the environment, as well as costing a lot of money to run.  Many have since been taken off the market, and banned in some countries.  Ask your commercial electrical contractors Toronto to come out and assess the way you are doing things.  You may just need someone to advice you on which light bulbs to use, which by the way, would probably be LED!   LED lightbulbs have a longer lifespan than anything else, and do the least harm to the environment.  Compact fluorescent lights are also excellent and your electrician will give you the options. Maintain your electrical appliances You may not know it, but when electrical appliances get old, they can guzzle electricity. Annual services are a good idea, of course to ensure safety. But also, to ensure you are not throwing money down the drain.  In Toronto, underfloor heating and central heating are vital.  Both must get serviced and checked!  Call your electrician and ask them to come and do a maintenance check.  They may just offer you a fabulous cost saving solution.  And although summers are brief in Canada, get those air conditioners serviced too. Switch things off! It’s okay to nag your children and ask them to switch the lights off.  And there are a few different schools of thought but good commercial electrical contractors Toronto. They will tell you that you should switch everything off if you are out for the day… Such as your geyser, oven, kettle, television, and also switch things off when you go away.  A geyser that is on all day can really increase your electricity bills.  Shower in the morning, switch off the geyser, and when you come home again, switch it back on, giving it an hour or so to warm up the water. Use natural light This may sound obvious but – open the curtains!  Teens are often culprits here, staying indoors all day with their curtains closed and their lights switched on.  Sorry kids, but it’s time to get natural.  Insist they open up and let bright light inside, it’s healthy and it will save you money. Skylights If your rooms are dark because of the way they face, or the way they were designed, think about putting in a few skylights.  Like going solar, it can be a little costly in the beginning, but once they’re in, they’re in forever.  A skylight can make a huge different to a dark house, and save you a lot of money in electricity.  Plus, they look gorgeous. Most Canadian electricity bills, especially in winter, are high.  We have come to expect those high bills – it’s cold, it’s dark. And of course we are all using heaters and heating systems, artificial lighting, and having fabulously warm baths.  There is no need for anyone to suffer, and we should all be comfortable, but we do not have to spend a fortune to be comfortable.  Ask your commercial electrical contractors Toronto to come to your home, or your office, and assess your systems.  It is really important to have your systems checked, annually. And you will find that these assessments will do wonders for your bills!  And if you are building from scratch, make sure that the electrical systems put in are energy efficient, cost saving and environmentally friendly.

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